Since our humble beginning 1974, our company was known as Alma Production, one of the earliest detergent manufacturers located in Penang, Malaysia. By producing only a single product, and marketed under the trade name Texas Chemical through door-to-door selling and distributing method, we quickly gained popularity among many locals for our product performance and quality. Alma Production continued to grow by innovating new products to meet the demand of quality chemicals.


Health & Safety




Alpro cleaning and sanitizing products are the results of more than 40 years of experience in cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance solutions. Every day, we help to keep thousands of facilities clean and sanitized. Our commitment toward customers, people, society and the environment have earned us respect in our related fields.

Cleaning and sanitization are the primary focus of Alpro. Every year, millions of people fall ill due to unhygienic food preparation, lack of sanitization and pandemic outbreaks. We strive to make facility cleaning and sanitizing easier and simpler, and we are proud that customers can depend on us as their hygiene partner. We believe our commitment will promote a cleaner and healthier world for many generations to come.

We must strive not just to be seen as an environmental-concerned company,
but rather as company that shoulders the fundamental responsibility.

David S., Co-Founder



We believe cleaning and sanitization is the first step towards a healthier and sustainable world. We are committed to produce innovative and environmental responsible products to achieve our vision.


Alpro is committed to 100% conforming to the current ISO9001, customer, and Alpro QMS requirements, and always provides dependable delivery commitment to our Customers. Alpro is also committed to continually improve the established QMS to enhance stakeholders’ satisfaction.


Growth through Research

Being an industry pioneer, we work with world-leading chemical suppliers in search for quality raw materials in formulating our products. This ensure that our products find it’s unique position in current competitive marketplace. Our continuous effort through research & development, not only set the right future of the company, but earning the recognition of our promises to shareholders, employees and customers.